We first used COM Dangles on a MICROFLEX job in Menlo Park two years ago. We had initially been intrigued with the low cost, compared to other industry standard DATA J hangers, but after using them on several jobs since, we find that the overall installation time is about half. We prefer the            COM Dangles that are preassembled on ceiling wire for that reason.


COM Dangles have become our “ best practice” solution for most of our smaller runs of communication / data cable.  They are one of the best new products we have seen at BICSI in many years.


- Greg Hondo



One of our current projects is located in Silicon Valley. It is one of the largest Data projects in the United States.


COM Dangles is our choice for distribution of cabling once it leaves the cable tray. The new snap button is such a time-saver.  It is cost effective and it also saves storage space. You only have to carry 2 sizes compared to traditional J hanger solutions. This gives you from an 1 ¼ inch to 4 inch. The CD8 works very well for the POE lighting insulations.


COM Dangles has been a great find for us.


- Chuck Reynolds




COM Dangles are the only communication cable support made specifically for ceiling wire applications!!


COM Dangles is an extremely cost effective alternative to cable trays and J hooks. Typically 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of a traditional J hook installation.


COM Dangles are made from an advanced polymer and is UL listed, Plenum rated and RoHS compliant.



 • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.

 • Exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio.

 • Very good abrasion and impact resistance over a wide range of temperatures.

 • COMDangles solves the FIRE RATING issue when using PLASTIC supports for cabling above ceilings.

 • When COMDangles CD8 and CD12 supports are used in the CEILING WIRE configuration the fire may melt the plastic but the CEILING WIRE will be holding up the cables.

 • Excellent heat resistance and electrical properties, with a very high dielectric strength.

 • Cable support can be easily integrated to the ceiling grid with tie-off wire only where jurisdiction requires.

 • The only communication cable support made specifically for ceiling wire  applications.

 • Installed in four easy steps.


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