ComDangles in teal
american flag - com dangles are proudly made in america

Proudly made in America from an advanced polymer & are typically 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of J hook installation.

Q: Are COM Dangles UL listed?
A: Yes, in the US and Canada.

Q: Are COM Dangles plenum rated and suitable for air handling spaces?  
A: Yes, they are UL listed in US and Canada for Plenum areas.

Q: Can COM Dangles be used with Cat 6A cable?   
A: Yes, COM Dangles are UL listed for ALL data and communication cables.  They are also UL listed for POE (Power Over Internet) cables.

Q: Is the new COM Dangles button/snap feature re-enterable?
A: Yes, it can be re-entered many times, the plastic retains its strength and hold.

Q: Can the new COM Dangles button/snap feature be used in other ¼ inch holes besides the multifunction clip? 
A: Yes, it has been tested with most clips and fasteners as well as metal wall features with an available ¼ inch hole, and the COM Dangles Christmas tree type snap holds tight, well above the allowable load.

Q: Can COM Dangles be used with MC cable?
A: Yes, COM Dangles is UL listed for MC cable in the US.

Q: Do COM Dangles meet ANSI/TIA/EIA 569 standards? 
A: Yes, COM Dangles meet all UL standards which are based on NEC standards.  EIA/TIA standards are based on NEC standards.  COM Dangles meet all ANSI/TIA/EIA 569 standards.

Q: What are COM Dangles made of?
A: COM Dangles are made from an advanced polymer with excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.  They are light with exceptional abrasion and impact resistance over a wide range of temperatures.  They also have excellent heat resistance and electrical properties with a very high electrical strength.

Q: Can COM Dangles be purchase preassembled with ceiling wire?
A: Yes, most distributers offer COM Dangles pre-assembled with ceiling wire and whatever top fastener you need (concrete nail, tek screw, lag screw, beam clamp, etc.).

Q: Why do fire marshals recommend COM Dangles over other plastic cable hangers? 
A: COM Dangles, when installed with ceiling wire through loops, holds the cables in place even after a fire.  This adds a degree of safety that is not available with other plastic hangers.

Q: Are COM Dangles made in the USA?
A: Yes, COM Dangles are made in the USA!!!

Q: Are COM Dangles better than Metal J’s?
A: We think so, here’s why:
– The jackets of all data and communication cables are plastic. Metal J’s are harder on the surface.  It is better to use the softer plastic of the COM Dangles.
– If Metal J’s are installed at constant distances, they can cause harmonic interference in the data communication stream.
– Metal J’s hard metal surfaces create points of contact forcing the cables to bend.  COM Dangles conform to the cable creating an even cushion for the cables. (see below)

com dangles are better than j hooks